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Prayer points from the book of Daniel

Dan 1:9 God caused the officials to show Daniel favour. Lord, please cause the world to show me favour.

Dan 1:17 To these ones, God gave knowledge and understanding. God, please give me great knowledge and understanding.

Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds. Lord, grant me grace to understand dreams and visions.

Dan 1:20 In every matter they were found 10 times better. I shall be far better than my colleagues.

Dan 2 The King had a dream the only Daniel could interpret. Father, please create a problem and give only me the solution so that I can stand out.

Dan 3:25 As the 4th man appeared in the burning furnace, may the 4th man appear in the tough situations of my life.

Dan 4 When God warns me about impending danger, please help me to listen and obey. Let me not be like the King who refused to listen.

Dan 4: 26 Please help me to acknowledge God in all my ways. Let me not be like the King who forsook God

Dan 4:30 Help me never to ascribe d glory to myself.

Dan 5 Please let me learn from my parents and older/experienced people around.....Belshazzar didn't learn and he suffered for it.

Dan 6 Father, Please destroy every accuser who wants to ruin my life and my success.

Dan 6 Daniel did something significant in the reign of every King he served. Lord, please let me make a strong mark everywhere I go.

Thank You Jesus

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